Monday, November 20, 2006

and now I am in Iowa Ames, Iowa. Drank at a place...

and now I am in Iowa
Ames, Iowa. Drank at a place called Baudelaire with Molly Jo Rose and Jim Coppoc, who just wrote a paper on slam poetry culture. Soft Skull is doing an oral history of slam, so a connection was made. Everyone is friendly here -- which reminds me of what people tell me about midwesterners -- if they are nice all the time, how do I know when they want to kill me?

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Bret Easton Ellis is most probably L’the American ...

Bret Easton Ellis is most probably L’the American writer most talented since the end of the Eighties. Lunar Park tells its history post-Glamorama, that D’a man who after having accumulated success and excess, decides to be posed and to join again with the woman which L’likes, Jayne Dennis, actress of reputation and with which it has a son (itself having had a girl with another man).

At the beginning of the book, Ellis leaves luminous Manhattan and its districts to come S’to fail in the calm and peaceful suburbs. Then qu’it S’harnesses with L’writing of its last novel, Teenage Pussy, a succession of strange phenomena – a which cursed cuddly toy, a fitted carpet which pushes, a maniac who takes again the murders of American Psycho… – comes to parasitize his will of stability and pushes it more and more to join again with its old through removed from rim and depressive junkie.

The book is actually a fictitious autobiography : Ellis is delivered as it L’intends and free with each one to distinguish the truth of the forgery in its fabric of confidences/mensonges. On the bottom, the references to Stephen King multiply, affiliation acknowledged by Bret itself. Always cynical, often laughing, coke with all goes and the effects D’accumulations left place here with a tension ever seen at L’author before.

However, Lunar Park is objectively intended to the fans D’Ellis, because all the progression of L’œuvre tends for L’author to get rid of his layer of cynicism and violence dispersed throughout its career to come to lead to a deeply personal and very touching final message (even lachrymal). If Ellis returns after 6 years of silence, this N’is not thus to collect its nest egg, but to try well to rectify the shooting D’a skewed trajectory.

To note that the book functions in diptych with American Psycho ( qu it is necessary’D to have read and’have included/understood to consider LP), the message evolving/moving of "I hate my father over very" with " You I am also important miss dad ".
Concerning, moving, terrorizing, disconcerting, Ellis digresses towards extremely relevant reflexions, N’not hesitating to take multiple fire exits never to find itself with the same height as the reader. One will be able to even reinterpret the book like an attempt to put oneself at the place of his father in order to better include/understand it...

Lunar Park is thus with final book (will) époustouflant of control, shining in its concept and its result, which should not absolutely escape to the fans from L’writer. According to him, C’is even the last, and one would tend to believe it.

Go, for the very last time : Patrick Bateman N’killed anybody.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Financial Planning Its funny how when one is star...

Financial Planning

Its funny how when one is starving, all one's thoughts are consumed by food. Its amazing how when one finally obtains food, it looses its appeal. Every day that I didn't have something to eat, I would think of all the things I would make if I just had a piece of chicken, or if I just had a box of noodles. We were living on rice and water. Then my husband got paid and I was able to buy food and pay off some bills. So much relief, now I am just not hungry. I guess my stomach has shrunk a bit.

This time I set aside 60 dollars. That 60 dollars will be used if we run out of milk, diapers, food, or something important. Next check, I want it to be 120 dollars, and so on, so that we can grow a savings account and never have to go hungry again. Its not fair to my children. I made deals with my credit card companies and made payments. I should have my debt removed in 5 years. Now I am looking to the future. My two sons are going to want to go to college, and they will need cars, and then a retirement fund for my husband and I. I am looking into investment information. Its kind of fun. *smiles*

This is what I have figured out so far. I don't want to go into the stock market as I am not aware of the current trends, and its foolish to put everything in something so volitile. I will start with a simple savings account. As soon as I have $1000. I will open a CD account. Certificate of Deposit. I will place it in there for 5 years. Currently, the apy (annual percent yield) is 5.03% at the bank I am using. ( I will search around for better ones, later.) I will keep money in the regular savings account for emergencies, and holidays, etc. After 5 years of continually investing in the CD, I will close it and open a money market account, hopefully with $10,000. I have only studied my options for about two weeks, but I feel that once I start investing, I should go for mutual funds. A mutual fund is an account with many stock in the portfolio. At any one time, the individual stock may be going up or down, but since there is so much variety in the portfolio, the idea is that the majority of the stock will be going up, therebye yielding more money.

All the money makes the IRS (Internal Revenue Service: the guys and gals that make sure us American working folks pay our taxes and all that good stuff) hounds circle, so I plan to open IRA (Individual Retirement Accounts) and EIRA (Educational IRA) for my husband, me, and my children. It lets me have mutual funds and savings in the IRA and EIRA's, all tax free. They stay tax free until its time to take out the money.

So, I have an idea in my head of what I am going to do. All I have to do is save that first $1000.

Friday, March 3, 2006

But what has it’occurred for 5 years? Since Is Thi...

But what has it’occurred for 5 years? Since Is This It and L’explosion of Strokes? The Rock'n'roll obviously returned in the mœurs and Whatever People Say I Am, That’S What I’m not (begun again breathing), first album of the babies of the MP3, J’named Arctic Monkeys, literally exploded the English charts while becoming L’album more sold L’history of the country at the time of its first week of diffusion.

To tell the truth, the monkeys of L’Arctique N’did not await this beginning D’year 2006 to point out themselves and thus largely benefitted from through D’Internet by diffusing a number of their pieces on the fabric. And before even D’to have laid would not be this qu’only one album, they already known and were recognized in the small agitated medium of L’Internet unlimited.

Remain here to check if buzz rhyme with good product. And last grinds listenings, the report is rather obvious: this album conceals individual explosives and about very included/understood with the receipts of success. Variation, eclecticism and control in the melodies, voices british as they are liked, Arctic N’invent certainly anything but take again on very good account all the keys of the stirring up Rock'n'roll. Under bottom of portraits very working class, without transfering in the mièvre, the various titles of L’album crunch with wonder the life of L’English average. Authenticate, fresh and immediate, difficult not to stir up head and feet with L’WPSIATWIN listens (odd, J’have L’impression that C’is even longer when I contract).

Among this flood of very good titles, one will particularly retain the progression and the power of The View From The Afternoon, the dynamism of Shoes Dance hall, throbbing it and disconcerting Riot Van, nostalgic Mardy Bum like L’catch-ears When The Sun Goes Down. An album with final very complete, immediate.
An asset as much qu’a disadvantage, because if the first œuvre of Arctic Monkeys allured in little time, it will not remain either months in the reader. A wafer blow of Cœur certainly, but not sufficiently compacts to integrate annals of the Rock'n'roll, the disc missing D singularly’packs and of variety over the length.
That being, useless to be sulky in addition to measurement its pleasure, Arctic Monkeys (of which the average D’age is 19 years) largely fill their contract and propose a very good album in what vaguely seems to move towards L’year of (good) the Rock'n'roll. To confirm.

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